Technological lines

[Rozmiar: 21825 bajtów] NORDAMAR’s branch in Gdynia executes the controls for technological lines on the basis of industrial computers and PLC technology. We modernize production lines and automate production processes in order to maximize profits and minimize costs of production. Company is modernizing the technological process of production, creates and installs a fully automatic, modern control system based on visualization, optimization and reporting of production state. Company modernizes automation of production line for a more modern. We create software that controls the technologic line with advanced visualization. We also run, fix any broken steering. We not only help running a modern, controlled production line based on the latest technologies, but also guarantee service and support in case of any problems or failures. So far we have performed such technological lines as:
  • lines for sawmill industry (such as tree cutting, tree sort, gluing boards)
  • food processing lines (including rice processing line)
  • the process of cooling (freezing fruit for long term storage)
Sample projects:
Rice processing line
Tree sorting line
[Rozmiar: 21825 bajtów]
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